Excitation Systems

Together with our represented Basler Electric, we design, manufacture, install and carry out the revamping of excitation systems for synchronous generators of hydroelectric power plants, steam turbines, gas or diesel


Basler’s DECS solution allows revamping old excitation systems and modernizing them extending their useful life


We have diverse controllers and voltage regulators for a wide range of powers and applications for synchronous generators from 500 KW to 600 MW

DECS – 2100

100 – 10.000 Amp

DECS – 450

15 – 2.500 Amp

DECS -250E

0 – 200 Amp


0 – 20 Amp


0 – 15 Amp

DECS 150

We have made the retrofit of innumerable excitation systems, including the largest (Central Piedra del Águila Argentina) 4 Hydro Turbines of 360 MW

additional services

We provide different services for excitation systems and protections. We have the last generation of instruments to carry out all the tests.

We have the capacity to carry out the following tests and studies

  • Homologation of Generators
  • PSS stabilizers calculations and parameters adjustments
  • Short circuit and speed no load test
  • Heating
  • Synchronization
  • Crowbar Tests
  • Semiconductors Test


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